The CLEAN NANO process creates a photo-catalytic film coating that keeps glass clean and clear.
Energy used in activating the properties of the coating comes naturally from the sun.

No priming or double coating is necessary! Application is via spraying so that the process can be
easily adapted to any glass surface of any dimension.


Glass stay clean

The clean nano process coats glasss with photocatalytic film. this film has the dual properties of being a catalyst
for the photodecomposition of organic compounds, and having a super hydrophylic surface (water bonds with it
very easily). This means that dirt stick less and is easier to wash off, and glass retains a clairiry that keeps it
beautiful, longer.

The process is simple

There is no priming or double coating needed to archieve this photocatalytic coating. One coating is enough. SOo
the work is easy to complete. Application is by spraying, so the process is easily adaped to different surfaces and
sizes of glass.

Glass stay clear

When glass is given a super hydrophilic surface with Clean Nano, water and raindrops will not bead up, and
instead become flat, and stay in thin film along the entire surface of the glass. Instead of becoming dispered
randomly by water drops of different shapes light passes through the glass more directly, and the view
becomes clearer than normal glass.

Technology working with nature

The coating process does not involve the use of any substances that harm the environment, and the energy used
in activating the properties of the coating comes naturally from the sun.

The photocatalytic coating produced by the clean nano process
keeps glass clean with technology that utilizes the power of nature.